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Hot bikini babes flaunt their tattoos – Photo Gallery

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Everything you wanted to know about Bikini Line Tattoos



There are two key elements to a tattoo: the design itself and the tattoo’s location on your body. The bikini line is a popular location for tattoos. However, bikini line tattoos are susceptible to problems that do not affect tattoos on other parts of the body. Consider the potential problems with a tattoo on your bikini line before you get inked.

Did you know?

In terms of discomfort, a bikini line tattoo ranks with inking of the lower back. According to tattoo artists, the most painful locations for body art include bony areas and sensitive, ticklish zones. Thus, a bikini line tattoo is unlikely to hurt worse than one on the inner wrist, ribcage, inner thigh, instep or armpit.


How Does Pain Interfere With Getting a Bikini Line Tattoo?

The pain level for any tattoo depends on your personal pain tolerance. Since your bikini line has more fat than bone, the pain level is comparatively low. However, certain coping methods are unavailable to you during the tattoo procedure. People often clamp their legs together or tense their lower body when they experience pain. You must overcome this reflex while getting a bikini line tattoo. Flexing muscles in your buttocks, abdomen or thighs causes your pelvic muscles to shift as well. It is incredibly difficult for a tattoo artist to complete a tattoo accurately if you move. If he makes a mistake, it is on your skin forever.



What Is the After-care Procedure for Tattoos on the Bikini Line?

Avoid putting pressure and clothing on your bikini line tattoo immediately after getting tattooed. It is awkward to keep your bikini line exposed during the healing process. While your tattoo is healing, you must avoid tight clothing as well as scratchy fabrics like denim. Tight clothing and rough fabric interfere with your skin’s natural healing process and increase your risk of infection. The constant rubbing of tight, coarse fabrics also results in loss of the colorful tattoo pigments.


How Does Pregnancy Affect a Bikini Line Tattoo?

If you are planning to become pregnant, reconsider getting a tattoo on your bikini line. Pregnancy stretches your lower abdomen and distorts the dimensions of your tattoo. If you deliver your baby through cesarean section, the incision is along your bikini line. Scar tissue then forms over your stretched tattoo. After your body returns to its pre-pregnancy weight, your tattoo does not return to its original dimensions and the cesarean section scars remain.



How Do Weight Fluctuations Affect Tattoos on the Bikini Line?

Weight fluctuations in both men and women impact bikini line tattoos in a way similar to pregnancy. Weight gain does not simply make your tattoo larger, and weight loss does not just make it smaller.

Since the human body is asymmetrical and weight gain is erratic, it is impossible to predict accurately how your tattoo looks after weight gain. However, weight gain is likely to stretch your tattoo horizontally. This results in a squashed or flattened look. Text tattoos are sometimes readable after stretching from weight gain, but image tattoos often turn into strange blobs of color.

If you lose a significant amount of weight, your tattoo also looks flattened. Extra skin is a common side effect of weight loss, and this excess skin requires surgical removal. If your tattoo is located on excess skin, it’s possible that the surgery removes all or part of your tattoo.

Consider multiple placements options for your tattoo before deciding on a final location. Ask yourself if the bikini line is crucial to your desired tattoo or if another body part serves just as well.



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