Gamdevi police shielding hit-and-run Aston Martin driver. The Aston Martin wrapped up and parked at Gamdevi Police Station.

Gamdevi police shielding hit-and-run rich-kid whose Aston Martin lost control and hit two vehicles

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By Somendra Sharma for DNA with inputs from Bureau


According to a report in the DNA, the driver of a speeding Aston Martin lost control and crashed into an Audi at 1.30 am on Peddar Road on Sunday.  As soon as it hit the Audi, the front right wheel of the luxury car rolled off. The Aston Martin driver then abandoned the car and fled the spot. No one was injured.


The ultra-luxury car is reportedly owned by a high-profile businessman, but the police are unwilling to divulge his name.  The police are mum on the hit-and-run case. So much so that they have even gone to the extent of covering the Aston Martin, with its cover – which means that they are in touch with the owners of the vehicle that is parked in front of Gamdevi police station. They could not give any reason why they have covered the car. Police commissioner Satyapal Singh said he had “no idea” about the incident. has found out that a major cover-up is under way with the police shielding the real culprit and since the occupants of the damaged vehicles did not clearly notice the face of  the driver, the real driver – a young boy will possibly never be identified and a proxy driver installed in his place to take the entire blame.


Assistant police inspector Ravi Pawar of Gamdevi police station said, “The Aston Martin (MH01-BK-99) was speeding from Peddar Road towards Haji Ali. The man at the wheel lost control and crashed into a white Audi (MH14-DN-6666) and the luxury car’s front right wheel got detached.”


The fact that the car’s wheel came off shows the speed at which it was being driven.


Pawar added that the Audi jumped the divider and came to a halt on the south-bound lane of Peddar Road after hitting a luxury bus. “The Aston Martin hit another vehicle on the north-bound road, a Hyundai Elantra. The Aston Martin travelled 200 metres on three wheels and halted in front of Cadbury House. The driver abandoned the car and fled,” Pawar said. The luxury car is worth a few crores.


Passersby alerted the police on nakabandi duty at Haji Ali junction. “The Audi was driven by 25-year-old Ghatkopar resident Phorum Ruparel, also the complainant. Thane-resident Vikram Mishra, 45, who was driving the Hyundai Elantra, sustained minor injuries,” said Pawar.


“We have registered a case under sections 279 (rash driving) and 337 (endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC and relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act. The complainant and eyewitnesses couldn’t see the Aston Martin driver,” said additional commissioner of police, south region, Krishna Prakash.


40-year-old Smriti Mishra and her family – occupants of the Hyundai Elantra were returning to their Thane home after a drive in South Mumbai on Sunday, had never imagined that a pleasant evening would end on a bad note. “On Peddar Road, our Hyundai Elantra was hit by a speeding car,” Smriti told dna. She was travelling with six members of her family in the car.


Smriti says that she could see that a boy was driving the Aston Martin which hit their car before disappearing. She said two Honda CRVs were escorting the luxury car and the boy fled in one of the vehicles. Their car spinned several times at the spot before coming to a halt. “I saw a young boy driving the luxury vehicle. He was alone in the car. When we went to check who was driving so negligently, we couldn’t find him. Probably, he was whisked away by his escorts. The Aston Martin’s air bags had ejected and I noticed fire,” Smriti said.


“Within minutes, several luxury vehicles such as a Bentley and a Lamborghini came to the spot.


May be they were taking stock of the situation. Thankfully, we were unhurt. There was a pregnant woman with us and we were in immense trauma. A man from Lata Mangeshkar’s flat in Prabhu Kunj came to our rescue and offered us water,” she said.


Smriti’s husband Vikram registered a complaint. “We learnt that the Aston Martin had first hit an Audi in which two girls were travelling. After the accident, a man claimed to be owner and driver of the Aston Martin and admitted his fault. We told the police that he wasn’t the one driving,” said Smriti.




According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror the Aston Martin Rapide is registered with the Reliance Group and it is possible that a family member of a top executive was driving.

However, a Reliance Industries spokesperson said, “The car belongs to Reliance Ports and a chauffeur was driving the car when the accident took place.” He added, “The driver is not absconding and police can call him for investigations whenever they want.”

Meanwhile, an investigating officer said they are scrutinizing footage from CCTVs along the road for clues to help in the investigation.

The injured occupants of the Hyundai Elantra and Audi countered the police claim saying that the police are hand-in-glove with Reliance officials to hide and supress the real identity of the young driver. “Would a chauffeur drive at 100 kms an hour at 1.30 am,” asked one of the injured persons.



The Aston Martin car worth Rs 4 crore owned by Reliance Ports which was being driven by a youth according to eye-witnesses now at the Gamdevi Police Station

The Aston Martin car worth Rs 4 crore owned by Reliance Ports which was being driven by a youth according to eye-witnesses now at the Gamdevi Police Station



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